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In our view,  Open House #4 which CWS held on November 28, 2002, raised serious questions about  CWS's public consultation in our community. Read about our issues and then read CWS's response.

WWLC Review and Comments on Open House #4

At  Open House #4 several members of the public objected to the way CWS was handling the Open House:
- CWS covered less than half of Document #5 before suddenly moving onto Document #6
- CWS had not identified Doc. #6 on the flyer as even being part of the meeting, so we were not prepared to start yet another document
- CWS had both Doc. #3 and Doc. #5 available at the Open House but would not discuss Doc. #3 with the public.
So several folks at the meeting insisted that CWS hold another Open House to actually finish Doc.#5 but not include Doc. #6. In other words, let's cover one document at a time, only one at each Open House, not pile them up.
It's our view that CWS actually committed to that request at the meeting, but you'll see from their response that they remember things differently.

CWS response to our comments on Open House #4 (DP #5 and #6)

WWLC comments to CWS about the Evening of Presentations on Documents #5 and #6

CWS responds to our comments on Open House #4 and Evening of Presentations January 7, 2002