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Warwick Watford Landfill Committee WWLC
EASG Environmental Assessment Study Group
WMCC's EA Submission October 2005
Emergency Site for Toronto's Garbage
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EASG Environmental Assessment Study Group
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The EASG is the group of local and regional volunteers who began in September 2000 to review the Environmental Assessment documents from CWS.   Under  provincial regulations of the Environmental Assessment process, CWS is required to consult with the community, and the EASG is one part of that public consultation process.
Participants are paid $40.00 per meeting. The Chair is Steve Morris.
All the EASG meetings are open to the public and the minutes are available  below. We encourage you to come out the meetings which are advertised in the Watford Guide.

Environmental Assessment Study Group Members

Stephen Morris, Chair

Lynn Badder, WWLC

Rhonda Hustler, WWLC (Alternate)

Leroy Wright, WWLC

Doris McCormick, Resident

Don McGugan, Lambton Federation of Agriculture

Heidi Muxlow, Resident

Marion Fuller, Resident

Mac Parker, Resident

Jerry Westgate, Township of Warwick

Brad Goodhill, Township of Warwick

Dan Gaudenzi, MOE Sarnia (as Resource)

Jim Kutyba, County of Lambton

George Mallay, Sarnia-Lambton Office of Economic Development

 Kevin Bechard, CWS

Reid Cleland, CWS

Peer Review Representatives: (PRT)

Peter Pickfield, Garrod-Pickfield

Mark L. Dorfman, Planner

 CWS Consultants:

Paul Murray, Gartner Lee Ltd.

Phil Bosco, Gartner Lee Ltd.

Christel von Engelbrechten, IER (Secretarial)