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CWS Names Warwick as Emergency Site for Toronto Garbage, May 26, 2003
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The province will allow CWS to bring Toronto's garbage to  Warwick as an emergency garbage dump. If Toronto's trash trucks are turned back at the U.S. border and other Ontario sites are full, CWS told the Ministry of Environment and Toronto to bring the garbage to Warwick.  The Ministry approved the CWS plan.

The Warwick landfill is one of three alternate sites including the Blenheim landfill near Chatham, and the West Carleton landfill at Ottawa.  Environment Minister Chris Stockwell named the sites May 26, 2003 under Temporary Emergency amendments. 

 No garbage has gone to any of these landfills, but the province's decision indicates the region's landfills could be used as Toronto's dumping grounds in the future.

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Ottawa Councillors Not Told by CWS