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Warwick Watford Landfill Committee WWLC
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WMCC's EA Submission October 2005
Emergency Site for Toronto's Garbage
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Presentation : The EA Process and What We Accomplished

Submission to EA Expert Review Panel 2005

The WWLC has reviewed the  documents which CWS submits to the Environmental Assessment Study Group. Following are those reviews.
If CWS provides adequate time and opportunity, we present our comments and questions at the EASG meetings.  Otherwise,  we submit them in writing to CWS, members  of the EASG, and eventually to the Ministry of Environment. We hope that our comments influence the process and CWS's proposal. For CWS's responses to our reviews, please check their Final Documents.

Document #1

WWLC Comments on Document #1 Public Consultation

Outstanding Issues

Document #2

WWLC Comments on Document #2 Proposed Criteria and Indicators for the Assessment of Alternatives

Document #3

WWLC Review of Document #3: Comparative Evaluation of Alternatives

Document #4

We think the CWS consultation process on Doc. #4 was flawed and inadequate. Here is our report to CWS:

WWLC Comments on Document #4 Impact Assessment Process

CWS disagreed with our view, and here is their response:

CWS response to our review of Document #4

And then we replied to their response.

WWLC Replies to CWS: Consultation on Doc. #4 is Flawed and Inadequate

WWLC Comments on Agency and PRT Review of Document #4

WWLC Comments on Appendix to Document #4

CWS has responded only to our review of the public consultation process Document #4.

Document # 5

WWLC Comments on Document #5: Baseline Conditions

Document # 6 Site Design

WWLC Comments on Document #6: Site Design (partial)