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Warwick Watford Landfill Committee WWLC
WMCC's EA Submission October 2005
WMCC's EA Submission October 2005
Emergency Site for Toronto's Garbage
WWLC Reviews
Richmond Expansion Proposal
Other Sites, Common Issues
The Question of Need
EASG Environmental Assessment Study Group
EASG Meeting Minutes
Warwick Council
Peer Review Team (PRT)
Open Houses
Outstanding Issues
Media Releases and Articles

In October, 2005, WMCC submitted its Draft EA documents to the Ministry. 
The material is available in hard copy or disc from WMCC.
Below is the complete first disc; following  are selections only from the Appendices disc because the entire disc is simply too large to download onto this site.  If particular documents or discussion papers  interest you, contact WMCC or me and I will send them along. Just a note: we asked for electronic documents beginning in 2002, and WMCC refused. Now, over four years later, with the EA done, they provide us with the information on disc. Go figure. 

This large file is in PDF and will require your patience while waiting to open.

DISC #1: WMCC EA Submission October, 2005

Terms of Reference

Minister Of Environment's Letter of Approval TOR

Designation Regulation

Response to Discussion Papers 7, 8, 9

CWS Says "NO"  Electronic Documents
In early December 2002, we asked CWS to send electronically all their documents. Following is their reply to that request. You might email CWS to ask why they won't release the documents electronically so we can have full access to the EA reports. The documents would be posted here for everyone's information and convenience.

Planning, Research and Management Services
7501 Keele Street, Suite 300, Concord, Ontario, Canada  L4K 1Y2
Telephone:  (905) 660-1060  Fax:  (905) 660-7812  E-mail:

 M E M O R A N D U M

 To:                  Rhonda Hustler, WWLC

From:              Peter Homenuck, IER

Date:               January 20, 2003

 Subject:           Request for E-mail Copies of the Discussion Papers


 I am writing to advise you that the Discussion Papers will not be provided by e-mail.

 The Discussion Papers have been readily available in hard copy through the EA process and we will continue that practice.

 If you require additional copies, please let us know.